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Take It Outside

Do you ever wonder what to do to help children learn when you take them outdoors? “Take It Outside” program will help increase your knowledge of research regarding the benefits of outdoor play and time in nature. This is time outside in the winter as well as summer. You will better understand the adult's role in facilitating outdoor play, facilitating unstructured/child initiated play in outdoor spaces, and preparing outdoor play space. Ideas for outdoor play will be provided.

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Growing Together

Have you ever grown flowers, vegetables or other plants in a garden? Have the children you work with ever been able to plant a seed and watch it grow into a plant? There are so many great learning opportunities that can come from the experiences of working in a garden. As a result of this training we will be able to determine what kind of garden will work best for your program, you will learn how to integrate gardening activities into the curriculum, and finally, you will discover ways your local Extension office may be able to help you enhance your gardening experiences.

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Kids Running

Active Play Everyday

Prevention of childhood obesity can be addressed in the early childhood years when preferences are established. A positive approach can be that of increasing physical activity everyday! How can we increase physical activity everyday for young children? To do this, it is necessary to understand a bit about how our bodies grow and develop, how body movement and the brain work together, and how, we, as adults, can best teach and provide physical activity opportunities to children in our care.

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baby eating

Safe Food Safe Kids

Did you know young children are a high risk for food-borne illnesses?You can help protect the children in your care by following proper food handling practices. Safe storing, preparing, and serving of foods is just as important in child care programs as serving a balanced diet. Be informed with this lesson on the basic food safety do’s and don’ts of preparing and handling food.

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