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Nebraska Extension now offers online professional development lessons covering a range of early childhood educational topics. Each topic area will provide research based information and strategies on how you can support the early growth and development of young children.

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The Learning Child Professional Development Team

Linda Reddish's Profile Photo

Linda Reddish

Extension Educactor & State Coordinator for Online Learning Series & Co-Parenting for Successful Kids (402) 444-4237
Holly Hatton-Bowers' Profile Photo

Holly Hatton-Bowers

Early Childhood Extension Specialist (402) 472-6578
Lorene Bartos Profile Photo

Lorene Bartos

Extension Educator Fun to Play Ready to Learn
Safe Food Safe Kids
Leslie Crandall Profile Photo

Leslie Crandall

Extension Educator Active Play Everyday
Take It Outside
Dipti Dev Profile Photo

Dipti Dev

Child Health Behaviors Extension Specialist Dipti's Website
Healthy Family on Pinterest
E-A-T Family Style
Katie Fink Profile Photo

Katie Fink

Associate Extension Educator Growing Together
Fun to Play Ready to Learn
Jaci Foged Profile Photo

Jaci Foged

Associate Extension Educator Fun to Play Ready to Learn
Lisa Poppe Profile Photo

Lisa Poppe

Associate Extension Educator Infants & Toddlers 1 & 2
Responsive Routines & Environments
Pets & Social Emotional Development
Cami Wells Profile Photo

Cami Wells

Extension Educator Safe Food Safe Kids
LaDonna Werth Profile Photo

LaDonna Werth

Extension Educator Infants & Toddlers
Responsive Routines & Environments
Pets & Emotional Development